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Environment Artist

Environment Artist

Bowser's Fury

Contribution: concepting, texturing and material setup.

Texture: Sand, Layered Dirt, Bricks, Rock, Wood, etc.

Created the majority of textures used in game.

Release Year: 2021Platform: Nintendo Switch

©Nintendo. Super Mario and Nintendo Switch are trademarks of Nintendo.

Cocoa Meltdown

Contribution: concepting, modeling, texturing and material setup.

Model: Decorated Cookie Box
Texture: Decorated Cookie Box, Brownie, Cake Icing

Goomba Galleon

Contribution: concepting, initial level design, texturing and material setup.

Texture: Sand, Seashells, Terrain, Ship Hull, Coral, Ship Deck

©Nintendo. Captain Toad, Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS are trademarks of Nintendo.

Environment Artist